The music industry is a global community.

Play MPE® develops and builds applications to make the day-to-day workflow of promoting and discovering music as enjoyable and exciting as the music is.

Brian Corona

Director, Adult Radio Promotion

Atlantic Records

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Play MPE. My experience is that Play MPE is the music industry standard. Their comprehensive lists are a huge component of the go to partnership tool to reach the radio world to make a difference. Thank you Play MPE”

RJ Meacham

VP Promotion

Curb I Word Entertainment

“When I’ve got a single, video, or even entire project that I need to push out to our radio partners, MPE is my go to thanks to ease of use and scope of reach. On any new project, it’s one of the first boxes we check off.”

Michael Starr

Head of Promotion

Glassnote Records

“PlayMPE is a fantastic partner for us in distributing our music to all the right clients. They are always ready and willing to help me when I have questions or need assistance, and they strive to ensure I am happy with the results.”

Alan Cross

Musicologist and Journalist

A Journal of Musical Things

“Play MPE continues to make my weekly roundup review of new releases for broadcast, a total breeze. It’s a no-brainer. Play MPE has been the leader for a long time, it's my preferred way to receive music.”

Loved by the biggest names in music broadcasting and curation. Trusted by content owners and promoters from major labels to indie artists worldwide.Hear it from those in the know.

Ebay Hamilton

Music Director


“Play MPE is one of the most consistent and reliable tools for discovering and sharing new music. It's quick, easy to use, and full of great new music releases.”

Sarah Burke

Manager of Music Programming

Sirius XM

“Overseeing the programming for 14 Canadian channels of different formats and genres, let me just say that a simple click to download has made my life so much easier since using Play MPE”

Crystal Ann Lea

VP of Promotion

M:M Music

“The Play MPE server and lists are infinitely vast, they’re also the industry standard. Using Play MPE sends a clear message to programmers that we are serious and this is a priority.”

Marisa Di Frisco

Senior Director, National Alternative/Rock Promotion

Caroline US

“Play MPE is such an efficient way to get our new music out to PDs. And the team couldn’t be easier or nicer to work with! We love Play MPE!”

Ed Green

Head of Promotion

Red Light Management/ATO Records

“We love working with PlayMPE and rely on them to deliver our content to our radio partners flawlessly every single time.”

Dana Murray

Radio Promotion


“Setting up releases is simple and straightforward! And no matter what I need, when I need it, or how quickly it needs to be done, my rep(s) are always there to help me easily (and speedily) service music to the people I want to reach! Plus, they are nothing but friendly and kind the whole way through.”

Daniel Deputy


Winona Avenue

“You've got a great product, even for independent artists like us. It's an opportunity for us to get our music out to music directors, supervisors, and more which we wouldn't have otherwise.”

Jason Moon Wilkins

Program Director


“PlayMPE has been a critical tool in quickly building a quality new music library for Nashville Public Radio’s new music discovery station WNXP. Having the right song in the right audio format with all the relevant information together all in one easy to use interface has been a huge timesaver for our startup staff.”

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