Last updated November 08, 2019

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Our Leadership

Fred Vandenberg – CEO

Fred Vandenberg is the CEO at Play MPE® and parent company Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. Fred served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer from 2007 through 2017, moving to CEO in June of 2017. Fred leads all corporate strategy for Play MPE®.

Faina Shpund – Director 
of Product Management

Faina Shpund is the Director of Product Management at Play MPE®. Faina leads the product and marketing team to deliver innovative enhancements to Play MPE®’s suite of products.

Sergei Berenson – Director 
of Engineering

Sergei Berenson is our Director of Engineering at Play MPE®. Sergei leads the Company’s technological development and implementation of complex solutions to Play MPE®’s suite of products.

Alen Vitasovic – Director of Operations

Alen Vitasovic is the Director of Operations at Play MPE®. Alen leads all day-to-day operations and client support functions, including content distribution and list management, of the Company.

Glenn Mattern – Director of
Business Development

Glenn Mattern is the Director of Business Development at Play MPE®. Glenn leads the business development team in strategically developing business relationships and working towards establishing Play MPE® as the go-to solution for promotional content delivery globally.

Sam Ritchie – Director of Finance

Sam Ritchie is the Director of Finance at Play MPE® and parent company Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.  Sam has over 15 years of public accounting experience in Canada, USA, and New Zealand. Sam joined the company in March 2020 after previously serving as the company’s auditor.  Sam leads all finance related activities for Play MPE® and Destiny.