Destiny Media Technologies Inc.  today announced that former President and Chief Executive Officer, Steve Vestergaard, who was dismissed on June 28, 2017, has filed a Notice of Civil Claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against Destiny Media Technologies Inc., its subsidiaries, independent directors and current Chief Executive Officer claiming damages for conspiracy, breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, defamation and aggravated and punitive damages.

The company believes the claims are without merit and will defend itself against the claims.

Mr. Vestergaard currently remains a director of the company.

About Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

Destiny Media Technologies (“Destiny”) provides services that enable content owners to securely display and distribute their audio and video content digitally through the internet. Destiny owns and operates two businesses, Play MPE® and Clipstream®. Play MPE ( provides a standardized method to securely and cost effectively distribute pre-release music to radio stations and other music industry professionals for promotional purposes. Clipstream ( is a video format that plays on any modern smart phone, tablet, internet, TV, or computer.